The Brain and Spine Lab (TBSL)  was founded in May 2016 at the Department of Anatomy of the Jagiellonian University Medical College. However, the roots of TBSL were first established in 2012 with the grant funding of a project by The National Science Center (Krakow, Poland) titled "The role of endplate calcification, nutritional vessel occlusion and proteins responsible for the elaboration of inorganic pyrophosphate in the pathogenesis of cervical disc degenerative disease".


The TBSL initiative was created to form a international, multidisciplinary research team to advance our knowledge and understanding of the anatomy and pathology of the brain, spinal cord, spine, and skull. To accomplish this goal, we are engaged in a variety of research including basic, translational, and clinical research. With our "from bench to bedside" approach to research, we will work to improve clinical practice and patient outcomes. As such, our research includes elements of neurology, neurosurgery, orthopedics, otolaryngology, and radiology.

Our team is dedicated to being one of Europe's leading institutions for multidisciplinary research in anatomy and pathology of the brain, spinal cord, spine, and skull.  We are always open to new partnerships and international collaboration from around the world.



Section Leaders: 

Neuroanatomy, Neuropathology, & Skull: Brandon Michael Henry, MD 

Oral and Maxillofacial Anatomy & Pathology: Iwona M. Tomaszewska, DDS, PhD

Spine Anatomy & Pathology: Krzysztof A. Tomaszewski, MSPC, MBA, MSc(Edin), MD, PhD


"The biology behind the human intervertebral disc and its endplates", K. A. Tomaszewski, K. Saganiak, T. Gładysz, J. A. Walocha. Opublikowane w Folia Morphologica t. 74, nr 2 (2015)


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